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Boatcare Courses

Boatcare Trading Ltd provides professional marine courses including powerboat courses, shore-based courses and sailing courses. Get your nautical licence and become a qualified mariner today!

Powerboat Courses

Powerboats are fast, fun and easy to use. But they are powerful machines operating in a challenging environment. It pays to get some good, effective training and to be prepared for what the sea can throw at you.

This covers a wide range of things, starting from basic boat handling and an understanding of the engines which can be invaluable if you need to get out of a difficult situation, all the way to an awareness of the limitations of your craft which enables you to avoid getting into that problem in the first place.

Nautical License
This course is ideal for complete beginners who would like to start power boating. Usually held on 2 days, the syllabus includes basic navigation and seamanship, first aid, fire safety, international regulations, engines and safety, as well practical ropework and going on a yacht to learn how to come out of and into port, tie to a buoy and recover a person overboard. The course is fun, informative and very useful, and if you pass the exam successfully you will obtain a license to drive motor boats up to 12 meters in territorial waters (up to 12 miles)!

24 hour course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com

Powerboat Level 1 & 2
You will also learn some basic navigation and the factors that need to be taken into account when planning your trip. This course will also enable you to apply for the ICC (International Certificate of Competence)

2 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com

Offshore Powerboat Racing Course

This is a specialist 2 day course, required by any newcomer to the sport to obtain an Offshore Racing Licence. The syllabus covers race admin, safety, maintenance, race preparation, race rules, race setup and practical fast boat handling. These courses are run in our 2 AYBatboats.

2 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com

Day Skipper
This is the most popular of the motor cruising courses. The aim is to teach practical pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling up to the standard required to skipper a motor cruiser safely in familiar waters by day. The course also includes some night cruising experience, with emphasis on leaving/entering a harbour, considerations for keeping a look-out, and identifying marks by night. Your experienced and patient instructor will teach you these skills and you will put them into practice as you skipper the motor cruiser on short passages around the Maltese Islands.

4 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com

Coastal Skipper
This course is an ideal bridge between Day Skipper and the Coastal Skipper examination course. The course is designed to give an experienced Dayskipper the confidence to undertake longer and more complex passages which may involve sailing at night.

During the Coastal Skipper course your instructor will guide you through practical navigation, both offshore and in limited visibility, weather forecasting and passage planning, watch keeping, preparation for sea and handling heavy weather. You will put this all into practice as each student plans and executes passages taking complete command of the motor cruiser under the supportive eye of the instructor. Coastal skippers must be good boat handlers and you will receive plenty of practice mooring the motor yacht and will complete at least 4 hours of night time passage making. Weather permitting the motor yacht will undertake a longer coastal passage.

4 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com

Offshore Prep & Exam
To attain the Offshore candidates must pass a practical examination of their skippering ability. A Offshore is capable of skippering the yacht on extended offshore passages by day or night.  He or she will essentially be a much more experienced Coastal Skipper and can do the same things more smoothly, for longer periods and in more arduous conditions.

The instructor will tailor the course to your specific needs having first assessed your areas of strengths and weaknesses, however our experience leads us to emphasize the following subjects:  passage planning, man overboard recovery, close quarters handling, skippering techniques, navigation in restricted visibility, pilotage and knowledge of the International Collision Regulations. Before joining the course, students should have the pre-requisite experience outlined above, navigation theory to Coastal Skipper/Offshore theory level and a thorough knowledge of the Collision Regulations. The examiner will ask each candidate to skipper the motor yacht on several short passages and complete various demonstrations of their skippering and boat handling over the course of the 2 days.

5 Day Course. For further details, kindly send an email on: info@boatcarelimited.com

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