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Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official Malta distributor for some of the most renowned and trusted international yacht brands.
These include:


Marine fenders and shock absorbers


Boatcare Trading Ltd is the Official Distributor for INMARE in Malta.


There are very few countries besides Italy that can boast of centuries of navigation and a deep-rooted maritime culture. The practices and experiences of old sailors formed into an age-old wisdom passed down through generations are deeply rooted in INMARE’s performance.


INMARE products represent a crucial evolution for the boating industry. 



Inmare fenders are manufactured with a special E.V.A. compound (Ethylene vinyl acetate), a non-toxic and eco-friendly material. This UV-Resistant material does not stain or scratch boats and will not deteriorate in the marine environment, even if left for long periods in water. Thanks to the flexibility and elasticity of this material, Inmare’s fenders also preserve their original shape following subjection to violent pressure and friction.



Inmare shock absorbers for mooring are manufactured by a special thermoplastic compound and a design engineered to gradually and progressively absorb vessel tearing. Boats are thus given reduced strain during movement due to inclement weather or rough seas, avoiding hazards or damage against piers or adjacent boats.


All INMARE items are manufactured in a unique piece thanks to a special device which excludes joint points and poorly resistant areas.


Italian design, protection, durability, originality, functionality and innovation distinguish the INMARE brand from the others, they are the best choice for mooring, in all its aspects.


INMARE Products are available in both our Msida and St. Julians outlets. They are also available through our online shop section - INMARE Products Malta - and delivery includes both Malta and international locations.


For more information please contact us: info@boatcarelimited.com or send us an email via our contact us form.


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