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Joker Boat - Clubman

The Joker Boat Clubman Series comprises a selection of the finest boats on the market.


The Clubman series vaunts beautiful aesthetics and offers the convenience of the large peaks, the practicality of a wisely designed space, and the comfort of the large sun decks.


A very neat, essential and modern line, always with a strong focus on safety at sea.

Clubman 19

“Ideal for renting, fishing, snorkeling and other work & fun related activities. The Clubman 19 is strong and compact; easy to drive and maintain”.   The Clubman 19 is exactly what you see in the pict...
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Clubman 21

“Small, sleek and ideal for a romantic 2 people randevú or, less romantically, a fun fishing trip with friends”.  The Clubman 21 is a small functional boat that utilises all possible space available to g...
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Clubman 22

“One of the smallest yet largest boats in the Clubman Range. Perfect for a day at sea in relax with family and friends”.   The Clubman 22 is the your ideal boat. How do we know? because all our ...
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Clubman 23

“Spacious, comfortable and money wise, a great deal. Ideal for sunbathing and sailing with ease”. Math is not an opinion, the Clubman 23 is the missing link in between the Clubman 24 and the Clubman 22. Not only mat...
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Clubman 24

“Want something more? want a strong, spacious large boat without the usual large boat hustle? Then the Clubman 24 is the boat for you”.   The Clubman 24 marks the beginning of the larger Clubman...
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Clubman 26

“A piece of history, the triumph of the RIB boat. The Clubman 26 is this and more; but it is up to you to discover it!” The Clubman 26 is a master piece in it’s range. In 50 years of activity of JokerBoat, the...
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Clubman 26` EFB

“JokerBoat is pro diversification thus the Clubman 26 EFB is nothing more than a Clubman 26 in inboard version, how about that?” The Clubman 26 EFB is for you, inboard motor lovers. JokerBoat has created ...
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Clubman 26` Special

“Special in the name, special in it’s features. Technically identical to the standard Clubman 26, it will surprise with it’s different standard and optional features!”   The Clubman ...
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Clubman 28

“The most customer-centered, sought and user-friendly model in JokerBoats range. Issued with a WC and a small kitchen, it will make you feel like at home.”   The Clubman 28 is one of the pioneer models of...
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