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Joker Boat - Coaster

The Joker Boat Coaster Series is a splendid result of master craftsmen combining original designs with an accurate choice of materials. Built with composite technique, the Joker Boat Coaster Series rely on modern “fibreglass” which is stratified by hand. Fore and after peaks are obtained from a single lift in order to render the inhabitable area water-tight, and prevent sinking.

A very neat, essential and modern line, always with a strong focus on safety at sea.

Coaster 470

“This is your work boat: rent it, use it for port/marina assistance and why not, simply enjoy it for leisure. The Coaster 470 is unique in it’s genre. Having a sideways consolle,  it leaves ample space to ...
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Coaster 600

“Simplicity for all the family and comfort for over 8 people; do not get fooled by the small size, this is a huge-small boat”. The Coaster 600 is the borderline boat in between JokerBoat’s small and large mode...
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Coaster 650

“Coaster 650, the legend and most sold boat for years continues to win the hearts of all medium boat lovers”. Designed in the 1970’s by Franco Donno, great designer and artist of the nautical world; The Coaste...
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Coaster 650` EFB

“Coaster 650 EFB, inspired by the legendary Coaster 650 and brought to the sterndrive world to satisfy everyone’s tastes whilst enjoying the classic 650 characteristics”. Designed in the 1970&rs...
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